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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! No other day is as important or as special as one's wedding day. Your wedding day is very exciting and a wonderful occasion for the two of you, your families and friends. This philosophy, along with the top quality of our cakes, is why I want to be part of your special day.


Beginning in early Roman times, the cake has been a special part of the wedding celebration. A thin loaf made of wheat was broken over the bride's head at the close of the ceremony to symbolize fertility and the guests eagerly picked up the crumbs as good luck charms. During the Middle Ages, it became traditional for the couple to kiss over a small cluster of cakes. Later, a clever baker decided to gather all these small cakes together, covering them with frosting. Thus, the modern tiered cake was born.

Wedding cakes have evolved over the years to focus more on expressing the individuality of your special day Brides and Grooms now have many design options to chose from; traditional to tiered to whimsical. Today, wedding cakes should be as distinctive as the bride and groom.


A wedding cake is the ultimate centerpiece of your reception. Often designed after the bride herself, the cake can have many personalities. It can be elegant, whimsical or modern, but always beautiful! When designing a cake we bring together elements that make your wedding cake one of a kind. Your wedding cake should be a combination of personal style and the most luscious ingredients imaginable. But what makes a wedding cake truly memorable . . . its ability to communicate the unique features of your relationship.

Wedding cakes needn't be extravagant. In fact, current trends indicate a return to the look of "pure elegance," with stacked cakes replacing columned tiers, and the fresh crispness of white-on-white icing designs succeeding color enhancements.

Tasteful Elegance offers many wedding cake designs from which to choose, and also welcomes the chance to create a completely new design with your desires in mind. There are many decisions that go into making your wedding cake as special as your wedding day, cake flavor, shape, frosting, fillings, and cake assembly. Whether you select buttercream or rolled fondant, cream cheese, or chocolate frosting to finish your cake, we are here to assist you in creating the wedding cake of your dreams. Here are a few helpful hints to get you started.
  • Cake Flavor?
  • Shape of the cake (round, square, hexagon, octagon, heart, oval, and topsy turvy)
  • Flavor of icing
  • Flowers - fresh or sugar?
  • How many people will be attending your wedding?
  • Will you be serving another dessert?
  • Do you need extra cake to send home with your guests?
  • If you have a picture of a wedding cake you like please bring it with you to your consultation, this way we can see your style and use it as our guide in creating your wedding cake.
Question: When can I schedule a consultation?

Answer: Consultations are scheduled by appointment to accommodate the couple's busy schedule Please keep in mind that most appointments take approximately 2 hours so you'll want to give yourself the appropriate amount of time.

Question: How much do your cakes cost?

Answer: Wedding cake prices start at $3.00 per slice and vary according to specific design and style of your cake.

Question: What are your terms?

Answer: If you decide to have Tasteful Elegance make your wedding cake we require a 50% deposit to secure the date. The final payment must be paid in full 3 weeks prior to the wedding date.


Cake toppers, fresh or sugar flowers are not included in the price of the cake. If you choose to have fresh flowers on your cake, it is the florist's responsibility to provide the flowers and to make sure that they are safe to place on an edible cake. (That means non-toxic flowers or greenery). Sugar Flowers - prices vary depending on the type of flower and the amount needed for a specific design.


Cake stands and fountain assemblies are available for rent, plus a refundable deposit. The rental fee, and the refundable deposit are required 3 weeks prior to the wedding date.


The Groom's Cake is a tradition that is seeing a revival. A groom's cake may be served at the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner, or may accompany the wedding cake at the reception. They can be elegant and bold, or fun and unique. From his college alma mater to a favorite hobby, a groom's cake is an excellent opportunity for your fiancé to express himself.

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